Children's Hospital & Medical Center

Primary Logo

The corporate logo shown above is the foundation of the Children’s Hospital & Medical Center brand identity system. This distinctive signature was designed to be easily recognized and remembered nationally, while retaining our brand credibility. The colors and proportions of the corporate signature must not be altered. Consistent usage of the corporate signature builds brand recognition. When applying the corporate signature, always use the artwork supplied. Do not redraw or in any way alter the artwork.

How Children’s Hospital & Medical Center is perceived, in large measure, is the result of corporate image, public perception, and the totality of communications that shape the mind-set of our patients, colleagues, suppliers, and the community at large.

Corporate identity plays a pivotal role in contributing to the image of Children’s Hospital & Medical Center. It defines global graphic standards for the correct use of Children’s Hospital & Medical Center corporate signature, one of our company’s most valuable trademarks. The signature is a means of symbolizing and differentiating our identity in the market. Correct usage of the Children’s Hospital & Medical Center signature keeps its trademark position legally strong, and creates long-term value to our brand.