The Story of Our Brand


Our organization’s brand draws attention to Children’s as a warm and welcoming place, while also capturing the energetic spirit of a child. Five vibrant and colorful rays spring from the coil of the Latin "spira mirabilis," better known as the "marvelous spiral." This represents the joy of a child’s imagination, as well as the infinite possibilities offered by modern medicine and the discoveries yet to come. It inspires emotions and interpretations as diverse as the children we serve. It is a symbol of a new era in pediatric health care for our community, our state and our region.

This contemporary brand captures a look and feel of Children’s today and will serve us into the future. The name, Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, more accurately represents the healing, education and research taking place here. It demonstrates that we are more than a hospital. We are the premier pediatric health care center in the state on Nebraska, and we are a significant resource to medical professionals and families from across the region.

The new brand also applies to Children’s Hospital & Medical Center Foundation and Children’s Physicians. It is built from consistent and creative elements, including a corporate logo, corporate colors, corporate fonts, themeline, imagery and visual elements. The brand will appear on printed pieces (forms, stationary, envelopes, etc.) as new materials are reprinted. Signage carrying the new name will be installed throughout our organization. All material contained within these pages are the property of Children’s Hospital & Medical Center and require express permission from the Marketing Department for use.